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What you must know When Getting a Kredittkort with a Poor Credit Score

It’s the year 2021 and it is almost 2022. Time flies and we don’t seem to notice how much technology has improved over the years. We live in times when there are tons of different payment options, and one of them is the credit card. See a little about payment history here.

Although this is not a new technology, unlike digital currencies, and smartphone payments, credit cards are still one of the financial assets that have developed over the years. The first ones appeared in the 1950s, and since then, they have turned into a standard payment tool for billions of people around the planet.

Today, they can be connected through smart apps to our phones and we can pay with them without noticing how much we have on our accounts, and if we have cash in our hands. Everything’s digitalized and easy to work with.

However, getting a …

How to present a project to investors: a step-by-step guide

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Being well prepared to present a project to investors is almost as important as the quality of your idea. New start-ups are born every day and it is difficult to distance yourself from the rest.

When the entrepreneur has compiled the market information, studied the feasibility, and has a business plan, it’s time to look for financing! Financing is one of the most delicate aspects of starting a business. Therefore, in this article, we present the step-by-step guide to making a more than satisfactory presentation based on the experiences of entrepreneurs on

Guide for presenting a project to investors

You may have your money to invest in your project, but it is not normally enough and we need to look for other ways, such as presenting a project to investors. It is very helpful to read US commercial finance companies’ reviews first.

However, the intentions of the entrepreneur …

Is Risk Management necessary in Financial Trading?

Everything that we do includes some type of risk, it is all around us. Whether we are crossing a long road or catching a flight to your hometown or even making a normal breakfast at home, it is everywhere and in everything.

This automatically makes a person want to avoid it; especially if it includes finances as obviously no one wants to lose some hard earned money.

Most of us avoid risk everyday in our lives, often without you even realizing that we are doing it. Taking the examples listed above, while crossing the road we judge our distance from the other cars coming to avoid being hit. Similarly with other things, we evaluate the risk and manage to avoid it.

The possibility of facing misfortune or loss is very high when it comes to financial trading, if not taken proper decisions, this can be a common problem for you. …

How Technology Has Changed The Business Model In Europe

We are a digital technology-driven society in Europe. You should check online reviews about Uk store to understand why many businesses in Europe flourish online. Technology has an incredible impact on people’s interactions, work, shopping, and lifestyles.

As such, businesses today need to have a firm grasp of using the digital universe to maximize their brand awareness and impact. This article looks at the most significant way technology has changed and continues to change the way businesses and brands operate in Europe.

Here are ways technology has changed the business model in Europe.

v Instant communication

Interacting with potential customers today could be like spinning a roulette wheel not only in Europe but all over the world also. The roulette ball is a marketing message from the company that will spin and bounces as the wheel turns before finally landing in space (i.e., a customer). Media acts as the wheel …

Top Ten (10) Websites/Platforms You Can Make Money by Offering your Products and/or Services

There has to be a solution to every problem, and when the solution is found, the problem has to be tackled with the solution. Products and services are solutions to problems. Yes, they are the solution to the user’s needs and they create satisfaction of utility.

Before we had platforms such as the internet that provided room for e-commerce and e-banking, there had been buying and selling. But since the advent of online marketing—an avenue for online shopping, there has been a sporadic increase in marketing with the best strategies employed.

Online marketing is fast and has been proven to be effective and reliable if conditions are met and what you need to know- your strategies are organized and efficient. Collected.Reviews is an online shop to market your product.

You need to know is the right market for your products and have knowledge about finance companies that can come in …

Essentials of business automation

Often, there can be overwhelming tasks in a business, some which can distract you from the things that matter most and the things that drive profits and business growth. In such instances, automation is the answer. Repetitive business tasks can be put on autopilot, enabling one to shift their emphasis on more productive tasks. With the technological advancements available today, there are multiple high tech business automation solutions available. It is possible to automate everything from payroll to marketing, client support, and ensure that these tasks and other related ones are streamlined. This article looks at business automation and seeks to help the reader understand more about business automation.

What exactly is business process automation?

Also referred to as process automation, or workflow automation, business process automation refers to using technology to execute recurrent processes and tasks in a business. The main aim of implementing business process automation is …

Why is Your Personal Credit Score Part of a Business Loan Decision?

Getting a business loan can be a piece of cake if your business credit score is in good health. But have you ever wondered why your personal credit score is part of a business loan decision? When you apply for a business loan, the lender also checks the personal credit score of the applicant (usually the business owner) before sanctioning the loan.

This can be the case for newly started businesses as well as for those early-stage businesses looking for their first business loan.

In this article, we examine why personal credit scores play a crucial role in determining the outcome of your business loan.

Why do personal credit scores matter for business loans?

Your personal credit score is basically a mirrored image of how you handle your personal credit obligations. However, some people are of the opinion that your personal credit scores aren’t relevant and shouldn’t reflect how your …

How good freelancers can impulse our local website through the network

Freelancing comes more with trust and honesty. While a body is performing a task from one side of the world, another body is waiting for the finished product. Whichever, the two bodies are operating on trust and honesty, and this is because most freelancing works do not include familiar individuals. As the operations happen remotely, the seller has to trust the buyer for money in return for finished tasks; likewise, the buyer depends on the seller for excellent and qualified works. Notwithstanding, the presence and availability of sellers and buyers in each filed of freelancing matters a lot. So, the need for job searching websites come to play. There are many jobs online, and they are available in different categories, which covers writing to voice, marketing to graphics, among others.

Means and manner of freelancing 

Before a freelancer can make the best from the network, he or she must have …

Is Platinum Price Going Cheap or is it Starting to Rise?

In today’s world, a lot of people consider platinum as a significant and viable investment. A lot of people identified the precious metal as a “cheap” precious metal. It does not mean it is not a good investment. In fact, it is even cheaper. So the big question is it a good time to buy, sell or hold bullion like platinum eagle coins or bars? 

Why do you need to invest in platinum? 

Let us start with the basics. Where can you usually use it? The answer is a lot of things. According to most experts, one-fifth of all manufactured items contain platinum, although this statement is hard to prove. It is used in the chemical industry as a great catalyst.  

It is also used in electronics as a component for hard drives, in fiberglass manufacturing, in refining petroleum, in making medical equipment like catheters, stents, neuromodulators, guidewires, pacemakers and defibrillators.  

It is also used in cancer treatments, medical …