In Phoenix, the massage business is booming and being a massage therapist is not easy to expand your customer base. You know tough times, call for tough measures; therefore, you have to be smart how you market your business.

Gone are the days where opening massage & body rub services, was to open a joint plus a signpost pointing your business and that’s all. Today’s customer needs to be distracted in all areas especially places you know they mostly search for information. On the other hand, while you are looking for ways to extend your horizon, so are your competitors chasing after the same thing. So, what options do you have? Check some of the best effective approaches you can use to outwit your business rivals.

Advertise on Massage & Body Rub Blogs

The success of your business depends on the amount of traffic that you bring to your massage joint. Today, there are various sites that offer ad platform specifically for body rub and massage services only. The advantage of doing that is the traffic coming on board is solely looking for services that your business offers. Secondly, other ads provide similar services related to yours, but you can beat them in two areas:

  • Lowering your service prices (After doing a survey from other massage & body rub ads)
  • Offer discounts (Be clear about the discount on your ads)

The two areas can greatly influence customer’s decision as the majority of them focus on that.

 Friends and Family

Although some regard this method as for starters and small body rub businesses, spreading the word mouth can bring results you rarely expect. Keep reminding your family to announce the business to friends; they can be a good deal especially if on a tight budget. The family will always watch your back and don’t see it as a waste of time as some successful businesses did thrive through family support.

The same should go to your friends where you encourage them to notify their other friends about your massage business. While you do this, create a professional business card to give them as some may forget, but the card act as a constant reminder to refer you to whoever they meet.

Study Your Competitors

All business world over use this strategy to shortcut their customer chase. You know a customer is the lifeblood of any business and the moment you learn their pain points, your massage business will never struggle. So, how do you out-compete your competitors? First, focus on a business that is more successful than yours. Steal their ideas by studying platforms they use, language, their target audience, keywords and any other marketing hook you may find.

Having done that, try to see in the areas you have identified, how you can improve and target customers more effectively than they do.


You know most of the body rub and massage business focus on customers looking for spa plus relaxation massage. However, since massage and body rub promote health; you can connect with medics and hospitals to see whether they have patients who need special massage. That way, you can create an avenue of getting a direct referral from hospitals and clinics to attend to their patients who need muscle relaxation through massage.

Simple tweaks can make your business outstand simply by including specialized massage and experience constant customers coming your way.


Phoenix is expanding and so are body rub and massage businesses. To overcome competition, only the above ideas to add to your marketing plan and make an impact in Phoenix city by improving your networking ideas from time to time.