As a car owner, have you ever been in the moment where you accidentally left your car key inside your car? With such an emergency need, many people would think of breaking glass or prying rubber trim on the glass. However, there are many ways to open a locked car door from the inside without damaging the car components.

How to open a car door locked from the inside is to call the services of a key maker. If you need a key maker service, Stronghold locksmiths zillmere is a service company that you can rel24 hours to get your car door open.

It turns out there are several factors that cause car doors to get locked and difficult to open. For the problem where a car door cannot be opened due to lost key, door damaged or the key was accidentally left inside; we can use a duplicate key to open it. Other factors cause the car door to get locked, what are the causes? Let’s look at the reviews below;

Dirt piled on the car handle

The first factor causing car doors to lock is a pile of dirt on car door handles. This dirt often causes the door-handle difficult to open. This is what makes the door jammed.

Rusty engine part

The car door is indeed very easy to close, but the problem lies in the opening part. You need more power used to open than to close it. Sometimes several factors affect it, for example, the problem of the engine part. Car engine part that lacks maintenance or overused has a possibilty to get rusty. Aside from being difficult to open, the door could get locked accidentally.

The door gets damaged

Another cause of the jammed car door is it gets damaged, causing many components to break or change position. Like a broken door handle and gear shifting position.